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The Essence of Essential Oils


Balms, healing herbs and oils have been used since the beginning of time.  Many people believe that these oils are primarily for the body, but the mind and soul can benefit as well.  Whether it's lavender for peace and restful sleep, rosemary to improve mental acuity, or mint as a boost of energy, oils should be an essential part of any wellness regimen.


Young Living Essential Oils offers a variety of quality products certain to soothe and invigorate you.  Or you can sample one of the recipes below.  But here's the rub: Essential oils often require unique preparation and application, so consult your physician before you begin using them.


Warm Oil



What you need:




Aroma siez

Eucalyptus (blue gum oil)


Recommend using oils by Young Living, as they have the most pure products.

What to do:

Boil a pot of water and turn off burner.

Add  a few drops each of all the oils.
Drape a large towel over your head and move your face close to steam from the pot.  (Do this slowly  to assess how hot it is.)
Make sure the towel is also around the pot, so the
steam will come to your face.

Inhale deeply through your nose and open mouth.

If it gets too hot, pull back and rest a few seconds.
Repeat for 10-15 minutes.

What it does for you:

Eucalyptus for aches/pains, repriratory problems

Frankincense for colds and moodiness

Oregano is a decongestant

Thieves combats the flu and infectious disease

Aroma siez for muscle relief


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