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Corporate Wellness

Sessions: Cost based on number of participants


Every business knows the key to success is focusing on the bottom line. The most valuable resource is a company's employees and their health and wellness is the foundation of any viable organization. Yet achieving that goal requires more than a healthy paycheck. The most successful companies monitor employees for stress, burnout, and illness.  We offer workshops to help address these issues and more.  Your workforce can become more able and willing to go above and beyond while at the same time improving their physical, emotional and mental health.  We can even cater working lunches that incorporate healthy eating into the training.  Put an end to the employee phrase "just doing my job" and create a dynamic, energized workforce.

Spiritual Guidance

Sessions: Cost based on number of participants

In addition to corporate our programs, we offer spiritual support as well.  As a certified Health Minister through Hallelujah Acres I can work with groups to ensure a healthy body, mind and spirit.  Through dynamic exercises and a focus on healthier eating we can build a stronger spiritual foundation that impacts every facet of your lifestyle.


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