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Inspiration to Change

It has been said in psychological circles that the way out is to go in.  Yet facing one’s own fears and shortcomings is only half the solution. Social support for anyone who is in physical, emotional, or psychological distress is paramount to becoming well again and staying that way.  It’s one thing to recognize the internal challenge; it’s quite another to harness that fear, anger, anxiety and even sadness so that you can build and maintain a support network.


Ironically, these people – in church, at work, in running groups, volunteer organizations, family and friends – will help you in ways too great to measure.  But it will be how you help them, focusing your attention not on yourself but toward others, that may have the greatest impact on your well-being.


By taking your negative(s) and redirecting them toward positive outcomes you feel good for doing something helpful and, at the same time, actually making a difference in other people’s lives. The more we do, the more energy we get from the synchrony of working with others. 


Here are some organizations that can help you make the necessary changes in your life so that you can help others change.  Namaste.


Ann Wigmore Natural Health Institute, Auguda, Puerto Rico, specializes in detoxification using wheat grass juices and living foods.

Halelujah Acres Lifestyle Centers teach you to focus on making healthy eating a habit.

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